Garage Door Repair 

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Overhead garage door repair

If maintained and operated properly, Sectional garage doors are one of the safest garage door systems that are available today on the markets. The most common problems of sectional garage doors that require professional attendance are (#2) Torsion spring replacement, Cable replacement, and Off-track overhead garage door.

How overhead garage door operates?

 When closed, the door is basically hung on two steel suspension cables (#8) connected to the bottom section on one end and a (#3) pulley on the other end on both sides of the door. The pulleys are connected to a (#4) torsion bar, and torsion springs are mounted. The springs on one side are connected to a bracket, and the bracket is mounted to the wall. On the other side, springs are locked onto the torsion bar. When the door is closed, springs are under the highest tension in the opening and closing cycle. When you open the door, springs are doing most of the lifting.

Why does off-track occur?

If one of the suspension cables snaps or comes out of its pulley, the overhead garage door becomes unbalanced. One side that is still attached to the system pulls the door up, and the other side with the broken cable has no support, and due to gravity and the door weight pulls that side down. Please keep in mind that the overhead garage door torsion springs are still under very high tension. Forcing the door to open or close can lead to greater damage to the system or some serious injuries!

Your garage door can eventually get off-track due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • Broken springs
  • Unbalanced door
  • Damaged rollers


Off track door

  • Loose parts
  • Old and worn cables
  • Cracked sections


off track door

Fact: An off-track door can lead to mishaps. We recommend keeping a safe distance and calling a professional right away. Our 24/7 emergency service team is ready at any time to answer your call.

Tip: To ensure a longer lifespan and a smoother operation of your garage door, you should lubricate all moving parts of the door semi-annually. Use a silicone-based lubricant spray for the tracks. Do not grease the tracks since grease will only create a sticky surface and attract more dirt and dust, eventually resulting in more friction. Use machine oil to lubricate the bearings, hinges, and rollers.