Garage door won't open or close?  

Here are some FAQ


  • My garage door goes up a little, stops, or falls back down.

Please check above your garage door. You should have a set of one or two torsion springs. As shown in the picture, if you see a gap on one of the springs, the torsion spring is broken. At this point, your garage door is heavier than your garage door opener was designed to lift. Any further attempts to open the door can cause damage to the garage door or the garage door opener.

 For assistance, please call us at  510-458 2048

garage door won't open due to a broken spring


  • My garage door goes up a little and stops. 

Springs lose tension over time, doors lose their balance, and become heavier. Most garage door openers have a safety feature that prevents operation if excessive open force is required to open the door. To resolve this issue, spring tension will have to be adjusted and the door lubricated.

  • When I push the button, I hear a noise, but nothing happens.

1. The most common issue could be the easiest to fix. All openers have an emergency release mechanism shown in the picture.

Sometimes one of the family members would pull on the release handle by mistake or purposely and will disengage the trolley mechanism from the garage door opener. The purpose of that emergency release is to unlatch the door from the garage door opener and open the door manually in case of an emergency, power outage, or a malfunction of the garage door opener.

In this case, you will see the inner trolley moving back and forward every time you activate the unit. Please watch the linked videos to learn how to reengage the emergency release mechanism.

Liftmaster opener, Chamberlain openers, Genie Opener.

Most garage door openers transfer power from the motor to the chain/belt through a series of gears and sprockets. Those sprockets are wearing off over time and have to be replaced.


garage door wont open due to a broken gear

In this case, the inner trolley won't be traveling back and forward the opener will make a humming sound.

  • My Garage door won't close. It goes down a little bit and pops back up. 

Before you do anything, please take a look at both cables. Located on the wall, on both the right and left sides of the door. Garage door cables must be wined on the drums as shown in picture #1

garage door wont open due to cable off drum

 If you discover that the cable is off the drum, Please cease all attempts to close the door and call a professional because you might end up with a de-railed door and very costly additional repair costs.