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 Garage Door Repair Services.

  • Garage door does up a couple of inches and then stops or goes back down. Or its impossible to open the door manually.

    Please check above your garage door. You should have a set of one or two torsion springs. As shown in the picture, if you see a gap on one of the springs, the torsion spring is broken. At this point, your garage door is heavier than your garage door opener was designed to lift. Any further attempts to open the door can cause damage to the garage door or the garage door opener.

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    garage door won't open due to a broken spring

    Springs lose tension over time, doors lose their balance, and become heavier. Most garage door openers have a safety feature that prevents operation if excessive open force is required to open the door. To resolve this issue, spring tension will have to be adjusted and the door lubricated.

  • Cant close the garage door, it seems to be not aligned, rollers are popping out.

    Please read carefully

    Garage doors weight anywhere between 100 to 800 pounds. Garage doors are lifted by the unwinning springs pulled up with metal cables that are connected to the bottom of the door on both sides. Cables are being winded onto drums. if one of the cables jumps off the drum, this can happen for many reasons. One side of the door will lose its support gravity will pull the door down, while the other side will be pullet up buy the spring system with double of the needed force. any further attempt to close the door will only make the matters worse. you can derail the door completely and in most cases, it will require replacing it.

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    garage door off track

    Solution: Spring system has to gert reset.  

  • I can hear the motor running but nothing happens.

    1. The most common issue could be the easiest to fix. All openers have an emergency release mechanism shown in the picture.

    2. In most cases, one of the family members would pull on the release handle by mistake or purposely open or close the door manually. This will disengage the trolley mechanism from the garage door opener. The purpose of that emergency release is to unlatch the door from the garage door opener and open the door manually in case of an emergency, power outage, or a malfunction of the garage door opener.

    3. If True, on most Lift-Master openers you will see the inner trolley moving back and forward every time you activate the unit. Please watch the linked videos to learn how to reengage the emergency release mechanism.

    4. Most old Genie openers have a screw-driven mechanism, to reengage the opener open the door halfway, and pull the release string back towards the opener motor until it clicks and stays in the locked position.

  • Door stops before it is fully closed, or it will reverse after hitting the floor.

    Liftmaster openers, Chamberlain openers, Genie Openers.

    1. Most garage door openers transfer power from the motor to the chain/belt through a series of gears and sprockets. Travel limits set using mechanical or digital rotation counters; if those sprockets are worn-off, they start slipping, and the opener loses the open and closed travel limit settings.

    Solution: Gears or Garage door opener needs to be replaced.

    garage door wont open due to a broken gear

  • Garage door wont open or close using remote controller.

    1. A most common issue is old remote control batteries. Please use the remote control model number to search for the appropriate batteries online.

    2. Some older lift master opener receivers won­t work properly if an LED light bulb is installed anywhere close or on the motorhead itself, due to similar emitted frequencies. Please try removing light bulbs and then try operating the opener.

    3. If none of the above solves the issue then it means that your garage door openers logic board had failed and needs to be replaced. You should conceder the age of your opener and the possibility of other parts failing soon. We offer repair and garage door opener replacement services in the San Francisco bay area.