One Piece Garage Door Repair Service 

One piece garage door

             SERVICES WE OFFER 

  • One Piece Garage Door Repair and installation of new Doors.


  • Hardware Supply and installation for both single and double one piece garage doors.


  •  One piece garage door extension spring replacement.


  •  Opener repair or a new opener installation.


  • Frame adjustments and repair.


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About one piece garage doors

One piece garage doors are one of the oldest garage door systems that are still available on the markets today, but due to some safety issues one piece garage doors are being replaced by the sectional overhead garage doors that are safer, lighter and much more durable. In some cases of shirt spaces or very low headroom garages aluminum one piece garage doors are still being installed. Old one piece garage doors are made of wood and are very heavy. Most of its weight is dispersed between only two pivot points on the hardware and due to that fact - one piece garage door spring failure can cause unfixable damage to the hardware.  Wooden frame of the one piece garage door tending to expand during the winter and retract during the dry summer month and that can add different issues. It’s impossible to weather/pest seal the one piece garage doors. There will always be a ¼ - ½  inch gap between the door and the frame.



To prolong the lifespan of your one piece garage doors springs and the hardware, the system has to be lubricated every 6 to 12 month. Springs should always be kept oiled to prevent rusting. The hardware should be lubricated at all of its pivot points. WD40 is a good lubricant and a great anti-rusting agent. The one piece garage doors wood frame should be checked and waterproofed (if needed) once every 24 month.