Sliding Garage Door Repair 


sliding door


  • Sliding garage door repair.


  • System balance and maintenance. 


  • Sliding garage door track, hinges, rail replacement.


  • Sliding garage door opener repair or a new opener installation.





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 Sliding Garage Doors

 Sliding garage doors are the safest and cheapest to maintain garage doors due to their simple system structure. No springs, no complicated hardware, and nothing hanging above your head. But it has two main disadvantages to it. The first one is the need for a large space for the door to open. And the other one is that you can’t seal the door completely against pests and weather. Same as with the one-piece garage doors, you will have a gap of ¼ - 1 inch between the door and its frame. In some suburban areas, to prevent large mice infestation damages, the only solution we have found was to replace the sliding garage door with an overhead garage door. In most cases, there will be

required frame reinforcement.